FTA Info*Flex 2016 Exhibition

Info Flex 2016

March 7 - 8, 2016

Fort Worth, TX  USA


This year's Forum and Info Flex Exhibition was very well attended.  Traffic at the show was brisk.


As a stakeholder in Direct Laser Engraving (DLE), Ligum was pleased that the subject was addressed in the Forum section of the conference.

The "Direct Engraving: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" session closed out Tuesday's educational program.  The talks covered everything from the history of direct laser engraving to its current role in flexography.  Also addressed was where DLE is going in the next five years.

Attendees seemed encouraged by the session and commented, "Great topc, very important forward thinking" and "It was a fascinating topic and the encouraging experts motivated me to improve my own printing expertise".

We see DLE as part of the future and look forward to promoting this technology until we see you again next year in Phoenix! 



Info Flex 2017

May 1 -2, 2017

Phoenix, AZ USA


Mark your calendars and look for Ligum when the show opens.