United States

Ligum North America, LLC
1100 91st Street
53143 Kenosha, WI

Tel.: 262-671-1260
Fax: 262-671-1255

Email: info@ligum-na.com

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Ligum North America is singularly focused on the production of high-performance, elastomer covered sleeves. 


Like its Czech parent, the company serves customers in the flexographic printing, gravure printing and paper, film and foil converting industries.

Specialized products include:

     Flexographic Printing

           Elastomer sleeves for imaging via laser engraving

              Compounds available for solvent based, water based and UV based inks

           Flood Coat sleeves

           Tint Sleeves (coreless) for narrow web flexo


           Elastomer Transfer sleeves

           Elastomer "Presser" sleeves

           Combining Nip sleeves

     Gravure Printing

           Elastomer Impression sleeves (non-ESA)

     Converting and Mechanical

           Elastomer sleeves for substrate control and specialized mechanical applications


Our sleeves are produced in a state of the art facility located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  We use only the finest proprietary raw materals and curing technology.  Turning and cylindrical grinding equipment are CNC controlled and ensure the closest finished tolerances in the industry.  Precision quality is ensured through our processes and final inspection capabilities that include both "wet proof" and our NEW (January 2015) computer controlled laser scanning equipment. 

Our skilled team members operate in a "Lean" management environment that focuses on Customer requirements at each stage of production, ensuring that our output meets specifications and performs reliably - in all applications. 


Paul Kaiser
General Manager 
Telefon: 262-671-1260
Fax: 262-671-1255
John Koren
Technical Specialist 
Telefon: 262-671-1260
Fax: 262-671-1255