Quality system

Elements controlled by a QMS certificates

The quality of rubber coverings is influenced by many factors: the quality of the elastomer, the selection of an optimal blend used for individual functions of rollers, optimal technology, high standard of technical equipment, responsible and quality work, and, finally, the quality of the roller surfaces. All elements are controlled by a certificate QMS under EN ISO 9001:2000. In our company, we use computer controlled grinding machines which are specially developed for grinding rubber rollers and flexographic printing forms enableing us also to produce crowned rollers according to the requirements of our customers.


Computer-driven processing

Traditonally hand-made grooves on rollers have been replaced by special computer controlled equipment. It enables us to quickly grind or mill specified grooves or threads (axial, radial, with any pitch in both directions, etc.).

Laser Precision

More and more customers require great precision in the grinding of rollers that certifies the values measured for the diameter, axial runout and concentricity. These measurements are carried out by means of contactless laser equipment linked to a computer and printer.

Perfect Surface Conditions

The quality of the surface, especially the smoothness after the grinding and polishing of rollers and especially sleeves, is an essential condition for flexographic, gravure and offset printing. By means of a Ra-meter we are able to measure the quality of the surfaces of sleeves and rollers and provide documentation accordingly.

Surface Press Control

We check the surface of printing rollers and especially sleeves on a proofing press of our own design that allows us to precisely test the total surface design under real printing conditons.

Contactless Laser Inspection

Our cylindrical grinding equipment ensures the tightest finished tolerances possible.  In addition, Ligum has made a major investment in contactless laser inspection.  This state of the art device maps out the entire surface area of the sleeve - confirming that every square inch is free of imperfection.  This inspection process also verifies that the sleeve's T.I.R. and surface profile meet specifications.

Wet Proofing

Our Wet Proof inspection station emulates on press condition and provides a visual glimpse of how a sleeve will perform in production with kiss pressure conditions.