Profile of the company

Ligum spol. s.r.o. started production in Jablonec nad Nisou in May 1993. The company’s foreign partners, Gummiwerke Kraiburg and Egberts Rubber, provided their experience and know-how and thus significantly contributed to the very fast initial development of the company. Modern technologies, high-quality machinery and especially the enthusiasm of our entire team have been the basic prerequisites of success.

The company’s initial focus on technical rollers, textile rollers in particular, changed in 1997 when Westland Gummiwerke GmbH & Co. KG, a worldleading German company for graphic rollers, invested its capital into Ligum and the latter company received the necessary know-how and high-tech materials for offset printing. In the same year, the first “sleeve”, an elastomer covered fibreglass for flexography printing, was produced. At present, precision elastomer covered flexographic sleeves are the main specialization with great growth potential for the plant in Jablonec nad Nisou. However, the same attention is paid to other specializations as well, which are of the same importance for our company – printing industry, packaging industry, engineering, mining, etc.

Ligum Company expanded internationally establishing affiliated companies in Poprad (Slovakia), Glogow (Poland), Lutck (Ukraine), Moscow and most recently in Kenosha Wisconsin (USA).  We have also constructed new modern production facilities in Jablonec and Poprad – this is company Ligum nowadays.

Customer satisfaction in our field of business firstly requires the optimal choice of materials for coverings and, of course, high-quality production with short delivery times. This requires an understanding of the whole range of technologies where our coverings are used. The constant improvement and development of suitable solutions together with material suppliers, designers and engineers is our challenge. We are gradually expanding our services, including 24 hour service and consulting at the customer’s site.

Hundreds of satisfied local as well as foreign customers, including worldleading companies in the printing, packaging and engineering industries, prove that investing in quality and technology in favour of the customer has paid off.


                                                                                                                                    Jaroslav Pluhar