The company Ligum, as a member of the Westland Group, manu-factures and supplies printing rollers meeting the quality standards of the printing machine manufacturers. Additionally to the first equipment of new printing machines we offer roller recoverings for all printing machines and roller exchange for sheet-fed offset rollers for many printing machines.

The printing roller qualities developed and produced by Westland guarantee a constant quality standard because of the same know-how in all production plants and by considering EN ISO 9001:2000.

Composition rollers


The tried-and-tested ink roller quality with high volume stabiliy because of good swell resistance and minimised heat-build-up. It also offers easy washability and guarantees a long life.


The optimal quality for ink and dampening form rollers for pure UV inks.


The special quality for ink and dampening form rollers for mixed printing. This quality is also recommended for hybride inks.


The new ink and dampening form roller genera-tion for newspaper printing for coldset inks contai-ning vegetable oils.


Rider or distributor rollers as an alternative to ril-san coated rollers. This quality offers an excellent runability and is also used for the recovering of film rollers with rhomb or polygone profile.

Damping rollers


The perfect dampening roller quality for alcohol reduced or free printing. It is already used by many printing machine manufacturers in the first equipment.


The tried-and-tested dampening roller quality for continuous-film dampening systems for sheet-fed and web printing. The hydrophilic surface and the constant Shore hardness guarantee constant wetting over a long time.


The quality with high mechanic stability for dampening form rollers for Dahlgren and Delta dampening systems with an excellent media resistance.


A brand new dampening roller generation with the Westland LotoTec® technology.

Other rollers

  • varnishing rollers
  • developing rollers
  • press and guiding rollers
  • stretching rollers
  • PUR rings for folding rollers
  • complete rollers including accessories Ready to run