EOS Sleeves – new rubber surface in 48 h

Many of our customers, who are using roller coaters in their production process, deal with the necessity of roller recovering. The aforementioned process, besides the price of the new rubber coating entails additional difficulties,

most of the time cost-wise difficulties, regarding:

    • time of rubber surface recovering
    • necessity of dismantling and sending the roller for recovering
    • additional cost of freight
    • possession of rollers, which for the recovering time are installed in the machine and maintaining of additional roller stocks in case of breakdown or unforseen damages in the rubber surface  
    • organization – separation of storage space for storing rollers 


Therefore LIGUM, as a leading rubber roller producer, to meet the needs of a constantly evolving woodworking industry, offers its customers an innovative system of rubber surface exchange – EOS Sleeves, that replaces the rubber recovering process and eliminates the above mentioned difficulties.

The sleeve technology, widely used in many different industries, is a proven product that definitely minimizes costs and more importantly allows the immediate rubber surface exchange,  thus insuring the continuity of the production line.


How does it work? The ABC of sleeves?

    • The EOS System is based on GFK tubes made of fiberglass


    • The GFK tube is covered with rubber like a standard metal roller


    • The ready, rubber covered sleeve is put onto the air mandrel
      (videos showing installation and deinstallation of sleeves from the air mandrel):



…and that is it, it is THAT EASY! New rubber coating installed on the cylinder, which is ready to work.

All you need is:

    • Air mandrels
    • Sleeve Installation/deinstallation stand
    • Starting the EOS Sleeve System ensuring the exchange of rubber surfaces available from LIGUM’s stock

 All these elements are provided by LIGUM, that from the time of starting the cooperation takes over the stocks of rubber coverings and guarantees their availability directly from stock in 48h!

Are you ready for the revolution regarding rubber roller surface recovering, which will ensure the continuity of YOUR production line?

Find out more about EOS Sleeves and send us the filled questionnaire!