Steel and iron industry

The steel and iron industry are important sectors for our company in which high demands are placed on rubber rollers. Various working environments place extreme demands on their abrasion, the structural strength of materials in combination with the chemical demands of various treatment processes.

Roller types:

  • drawing and guiding rollers
  • decelerating rollers
  • squeezing rollers
  • finalization, chemical treatment
    • electrolytic tin-coating, zinc-coating
    • staining rollers
    • lacquer-plastic rollers
    • oiling rollers
  • varnishing rollers
  • contact rollers
  • immersion rollers
  • spindle coverings


  • 50 - 100°Sh A


  • abrasion resistant
  • high structural strength
  • resistant to chemical processes
  • resistant to oils
  • resistant to varnishes and diluents
  • up to higher temperatures